Wednesday, May 13, 2009

reconditioned wheels and new tires

a flat tracker needs right tires...
small choice as regards the 100/90-19 front and 130/80-18 rear size
finally dunlop trailmax on front and pirelli scorpion 140 on rear


  1. You got a stormin' machine here! Well done, and happy riding.

  2. This is a beautiful bike, very close to what I'm doing with my w650. I would REALLY appreciate it if you would provide me specific information on the following parts: (i) manufacturer and product number for the tank (big cedar? nitroheads?); (ii) same re the seat (which obviously needs to match up with the tank); and (iii) same re the back fender and light. I am familiar with the Japanese parts sites; just need to order correctly. I can tell that is a Nitroheads 2in1 muffler. How does it sound and does it increase power with the bike? PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL: Thank you!